Odagiri Joe to star as rock musician and father in drama series “Kazoku no Uta”


Actor Odagiri Joe (35) will star in a Fuji TV drama series this spring, titled “Kazoku no Uta.” The series will be broadcast on Sundays at 9:00pm, beginning in April.

Odagiri plays the role of Hayakawa, a rock musician who was once extremely popular but who has now faded from public memory ever since his band broke up 13 years earlier. His only regular work that remains is a 30-minute live radio show early in the morning and occasional fan events.

One day, he encounters three young girls who are his daughters, and he ends up having to live with them. However, he can’t let his situation be publicly known, especially to his record company that wants to find a way to end its contract with him. Through his living with the three girls, Hayakawa matures as a person and as a father.

Yusuke Santamaria plays Hayakawa’s manager, while Kanjiya Shihori plays a photographer named Yoko who secretly has feelings for Hayakawa. Otsuka Nene plays Asako, a former photographer who is like an older sister to Yoko and who is familiar with Hayakawa’s glory days as a musician.

The three actresses playing Odagiri’s daughters have not yet been announced.



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