“Suzuki-sensei” drama series gets a movie


Taketomi Kenzi’s manga “Suzuki-sensei” is getting a movie, it has been announced. The movie will continue the television drama adaptation that aired on TV Tokyo last spring, and actor Hasegawa Hiroki (34) will return in the starring role.

“Suzuki-sensei” follows the story of an ordinary junior high school teacher as he deals with various problems with his students. The manga received one of the awards in the manga category at the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2007, and the television drama received one of the Galaxy Awards last year.

Kawai Hayato will again direct, using a screenplay written by Kosawa Ryota (“Always: Sanchome no Yuhi”). Filming is scheduled to start on March 5 and run until early April. Theatrical release is planned for later this year.

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