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U-Kiss – Break Time

Released 2010.10.08 Break Time is U-Kiss's fourth mini-album. Tracklist Before Yesterday Sikkeureot (시끄럿!!; Shut Up!!) Light It Up Rock Ya' Body Avatar Sikkeureot (Inst.) (시끄럿!!) From the...

Kuraki Mai – FUTURE KISS

Released 2010.10.20 FUTURE KISS is the ninth studio album released by Kuraki Mai.The song Tomorrow is the last Time was used in Detective Conan ed 36...

ICONIQ – Light Ahead

Released 2010.09.15 Light Ahead is the first mini-album released by ICONIQ. First pressings of the CD+DVD version come with footage from ICONIQ Premium Live @ 5/16...

YOSHIKI considered "Japan's 'Bono'", set to take on the USA

YOSHIKI, known best for being part of the J-Rock group X-JAPAN, was recently featured on ABC as being the "Bono of Japan".