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Mushi no Onna - Mika Ninagawa Selection

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Album Cover
Togawa Jun
Mushi no Onna - Mika Ninagawa Selection (蛹化(むし)の女~蜷川実花セレクション; Pupating Woman)
Catalog Number
  1. Ginrin wa Utau (銀輪は唄う; Ginrin Will Sing)
  2. Suki Suki Daisuki (好き好き大好き; I Like I Like I Love)
  3. Koi no Corrida (恋のコリーダ; The Real Senses of Love)
  4. Barbara Sexeroid (バーバラ・セクサロイ)
  5. Soshu Yakyoku (蘇州夜曲; Suzhou Nocturne)
  6. Mudai (無題; Untitled)
  7. Mushi no Onna (蛹化の女; Pupating Woman)
  8. Virgin Blues (バージンブルース)
  9. Tonari no Indojin (隣りの印度人; The Next Indian People)
  10. Ribon no Kishi (Live) (リボンの騎士; Princess Knight)
  11. Densha de GO (Live) (電車でGO; GO Train)
  12. Osozaki Girl (遅咲きガール; Late Blooming Girl)
  13. Tamahime-sama (玉姫様; Princess Tama)
  14. Kyokuto Ian Shoka (極東慰安唱歌; Far Eastern Comfort Songs)
  15. Radio no You ni (ラジオのように; Like a Radio) (Brigitte Fontaine Cover)
  16. Aru Hareta Hi (ある晴れた日; A Sunny Day)
  17. Doto no Ren'ai (YEN Sotsugyo Kinen Album Ver.) (怒濤の恋愛; Equal Romance)
  18. Teinen Pushiganga (諦念プシガンガ; Singing and Dancing Resignation )
  19. Gankyu Kitan (眼球奇譚; Strange Eye Ballad)
  20. Punk Mushi no Onna (パンク蛹化の女; Punk Pupating Woman)
  21. Mushi no Onna (Live 2011) (蛹化の女; Pupating Woman) (First Press Bonus Track)


Mushi no Onna - Mika Ninagawa Selection is the eighth best album released by Togawa Jun. It contains songs from her previous solo albums, as well from her bands GUERNICA and YAPOOS. The album was released to commemorate her song "Mushi no Onna," which was used as an insert song of the film Helter Skelter directed by Mika Ninagawa. The album reached #300 on Oricon charts, and charted for 1 week, selling 365 copies.

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