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2NE1 2nd Mini Album

Mini-Album Cover
Mini Album
2NE1 2nd Mini Album
  1. Naega Jeil Jal Naga (내가 제일 잘 나가; I Am the Best)
  2. UGLY
  3. Lonely
  4. Hate You
  5. Don't Cry (Bom solo)
  6. Don't Stop the Music


2NE1 2nd Mini Album is 2NE1's second mini album. "UGLY", the only new song of the mini-album, was used as lead track. The songs "Lonely", "Naega Jeil Jal Naga" and "Hate You", were previously released as their 6th, 7th, and 8th Korean digital singles. The song "Don't Cry" was previously released as Bom's second digital single, and the song "Don't Stop the Music" was previously used as theme song for 2NE1's Yamaha Fiore's commercial in Thailand.

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