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Aida Shigekazu

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Aida Shigekazu

Aida Shigekazu (會田茂一) is a Japanese rock musician. He releases solo music under the name FOE. He is also a well known producer, best known for his work with Kimura Kaela.


  • Name: Aida Shigekazu (會田茂一)
  • Birth date: December 4th 1968
  • Blood Type: B


Aida first started working as a guitarist in 1989 while enrolled in the Meiji Gakuin University. It wasn't until 1991 that he joined his first band, the Shibuya-Kei group EL-MALO. The band disbanded in 1997. Along with Asamoto Hirobumi from MUTE BEAT, Aida formed Ram Jam World in 1993. Though only after a few releases the project was put on hold. After Aida left EL-MALO, he returned to his work with the band.

During 2003, Aida's activity increased with working with two bands. One band with Nakamura Tatuya from BLANKEY JET CITY, called LOSALIOS. The other with Toshitaka Kuwakei from GREAT3, called HONESTY.

After working with mutiple artist he started a solo career in 1999, under the name FOE. Along with his solo career he has become a very well known producer and arranger, working with many artists such as: Kimura Kaela, HiGE, YUKI, Chara, bloodthirsty butchers, HALCALI, MO'SOME TONEBENDER, BONNIE PINK, BOAT, GO!GO!7188, Shonen Knife, Chocolat, SHAKKAZOMBIE, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, SUNEOHAIR, ZEPPET STORE, Younha, and Doujima Takahira.




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Note: This is an incomplete list of songs featuring work by Aida Shigekazu.

Kahimi Karie

Kimura Kaela

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