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Real Life Real Heart

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Single Cover
Kimura Kaela
Real Life Real Heart (リルラ リルハ)
Catalog Number
  1. Real Life Real Heart (リルラ リルハ)
  2. Twinkle (Original Version)
  3. Real Life Real Heart (Instrumental)
  4. Twinkle (Instrumental)


"Real Life Real Heart" is the third single recorded by Kimura Kaela. It comes a few months after the release of her debut album KAELA and in the middle of her 4YOU concert tour. This is her first single to be produced by Aida Shigekazu, better known for his work as FOE; he previously contributed "Ano Koro" and "Dare" to KAELA. "Real Life Real Heart" was used as the commerical song for Vodafone's instant e-mail service. It also featured recording help from thee michelle gun elephant's drummer Kazuyuki Kuhara and GREAT3's bassist Takakuwa Kei. The B-side, "Twinkle" first appeared on with a new mix on the NANA tribute album a few weeks prior.

This single reached #3 on the weekly Oricon chart, and continued to rank for a total of 12 weeks. Because the single sold 117,299 copies, it became the #87 best selling single of 2005. It is certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan for over 100,000 units shipped, and received a Million certification for cellphone downloads. "Real Life Real Heart" is the best selling single recorded by Kimura.[1]

Song Information

Kimura Promoting the single
Kimura Kaela
Aida Shigekazu
Other Information
Arrangement and guitars: Aida Shigekazu
Bass: Takakuwa Kei
Drums: Kazuyuki Kuhara

Concert Perfomances


There are two versions of "Real Life Real Heart" to be found in Kimura Kaela's discography. They are listed below in order of release:

Real Life Real Heart
Found on the "Real Life Real Heart" single as track #1 and on on her sophomore studio album Circle as track #1. This is the standard version of the song, which is set to the music video. It was later included on the best-of complications 5years (CD1 track #15) and 10years (track #3).
Real Life Real Heart (Instrumental)
Found on the "Real Life Real Heart" single as track #3. This is the original version just without the vocals.

Music Video

A shot from the video

The music video for "Real Life Real Heart" features Kimura in a match-up with cartoon creatures appearing out of nowhere. The video was one of the nominees for best pop video at the 2006 MTV Japan Music Video Awards.



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