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Twinkle (Kimura Kaela)

Single Cover
Kimura Kaela
Kimura Kaela
Aida Shigekazu
Other Information
Arrangement: Aida Shigekazu


"Twinkle" is a punk-rock song recorded by Kimura Kaela, and produced by Aida Shigekazu. It was first released as a new mix on the NANA tribute album as Kimura Kaela for BLACK STONES, and the original mix was released soon after as the B-side to her best-selling single "Real Life Real Heart".


There are currently three version of "Twinkle" to be found in Kimura Kaela's discography. The following are listed in order of release:

Twinkle (NANA Ver.)
Found on the NANA tribute album LOVE for NANA ~Only 1 Tribute~ as track #3. It was originally credited to Kimura Kaela for the BLACK STONES, and was simply titled "Twinkle". This version was later included on Kimura's sophomore studio album Circle as track #6, and this is where it became the NANA Version of the song. This mix of the song features a heavy focus on the guitars, with them being louder than on the original version.
Twinkle (Original Version)
Found on the "Real Life Real Heart" single as track #2. This is the original recording of the song, the standard version.
Twinkle (Instrumental)
Found on the "Real Life Real Heart" single as track #4. This is an instrumental of the standard version of the song.

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