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Kaela (album)

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Album Cover
Kimura Kaela
Catalog Number
COCP-32988 (CD+DVD)
COCP-32989 (CD )
¥3,000 (CD+DVD)
¥2,500 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. untie (album take)
  2. You know you love me?
  3. Ano Koro (あの頃; Those Times)
  4. happiness!!!
  6. D.T.S
  7. Level 42 (album take)
  8. Dare (誰; Who)
  9. Because
  10. weak
  11. Whatever are you looking for? (album take)
  12. sola
DVD Tracklist
  1. Level 42 (PV)
  2. happiness!!! (PV)
  3. Making of


KAELA is the debut studio album recorded by Kimura Kaela. The album was released after the release of only two singles, "Level 42" and "happiness!!!". It also contains both of the singles b-sides: "Whatever are you looking for?" and "untie", and which have both been given a new arrangement. Much like the releases leading up to the album the CD has a very heavy Britpop sound. The songs "You know you love me?" and "Because" were song written with her old indie band animo. Kimura's former bandmate masasucks plays guitar on KAELA. The album was released in both a limited edition CD+DVD format and a normal CD only format.

The album reached #7 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed on the charts for a total of 40 weeks. In all it sold 149,187 copies. The album also ranked in as 2005's #101 best selling album.

In early 2005, Kimura went on tour to promote the album and later released her first concert DVD, KAELA KIMURA 1st TOUR 2005 4YOU. The band score for the album was released on 2005.02.23[1].

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