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animo was a short lived indie Japanese rock band, which was fronted by Kimura Kaela.


  • Katie (Vocals)
  • macks (Guitar)
  • Ben Kahn (Bass)
  • Catherine (Drums)


Kimura Kaela was in high school when she first met masasucks. The two soon started recruiting members and started playing live shows. The band's sound was a mixture of punk and melodic hardcore. Even though the band recorded some material, they never released any official merchandise. The band soon split.

In 2003, Kimura became the co-host on the early morning television show saku saku. Her popularity soon took off and she made her musical debut in 2004. Her debut album KAELA was released in December 2004, and featured two songs that were originally written as animo material. masasucks continued working with Kimura during her early years, playing guitar in her live band and contributed to the recording process. It was rumored that the two were dating for some time.

In 2004, masasucks joined the rock band BRAZILIANSIZE, but left the band in 2006. He is currently playing in both FULLSCRATCH and the HIATUS.

It wasn't until 2005 that some of animo's songs surfaced. Two of their songs were featured on the indies compilation ...of newtypes.


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