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Chijou no Hoshi / Headlight Taillight

CD Art
Nakajima Miyuki
Chijou no Hoshi / Headlight, Taillight (地上の星 / ヘッドライト・テールライト)
Catalog Number
  1. Chijou no Hoshi (地上の星)
  2. Headlight Taillight (ヘッドライト・テールライト)
  3. Chijou no Hoshi (TV MIX) (地上の星 (TV MIX))
  4. Headlight Taillight (TV MIX) (ヘッドライト・テールライト (TV MIX))


"Chijou no Hoshi / Headlight, Taillight" is the 37th single released by Nakajima Miyuki. "Chijou no Hoshi" was used as the theme song for the NHK program Project X ~Chousensha-tachi~. The single reached #1 on the Oricon weekly charts in 2003 after her performance at the 2002 NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen and charted for 202 weeks, selling 1,115,989 copies.

In 2001, it sold 244,500 copies and was the #78 single of the year. In 2002, it sold 181,340 copies and was the #67 single of the year. In 2003, it sold 516,258 copies and was the #11 single of the year. It is current the second longest charting release in Japan according to Oricon (behind Natsukawa Rimi's "Nada Sousou").

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