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Yoru wo Yuke (Nakajima Miyuki album)

CD Art
Nakajima Miyuki
Yoru wo Yuke (夜を往け)
2001.05.23 (reissue)
2008.11.05 (reissue)
Catalog Number
PCTA-00049 (MT)
PCCA-00068 (CD)
YCCW-00021 (2001 reissue)
YCCW-10070 (2008 reissue)
¥2,835 (2001 reissue)
¥2,625 (2008 reissue)
  1. Yoru wo Yuke (夜を往け)
  2. Futatsu no Honoo (ふたつの炎)
  3. 3 Pungo ni Sutetemo Ii (3分後に捨ててもいい)
  4. Ashita (あした)
  5. Shinsonezaki Shinjuu (新曾根崎心中)
  6. Kimi no Mukashi wo (君の昔を)
  7. Enrai (遠雷)
  8. Futari wa (ふたりは)
  9. Kita no Kuni no Narai (北の国の習い)
  10. with


"Yoru wo Yuke" is the 18th studio album released by Nakajima Miyuki. Two months after the release of the album, "with" was released as a recut single. The album reached #3 on the Oricon charts and charted for 11 weeks, selling 174,120 copies in 1990, making it the #72 album of the year.

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