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Shin'ai Naru Mono e (Nakajima Miyuki album)

Album Cover
Nakajima Miyuki
Shin'ai Naru Mono e (親愛なる者へ)
1981.03.01 (LP reissue)
1981.05.21 (MT reissue)
1983.12.01 (CD reissue)
1986.11.05 (CD reissue)
1989.03.21 (Gold CD reissue)
1990.05.21 (CD reissue)
2001.03.28 (CD reissue)
2008.10.01 (CD reissue)
Catalog Number
C25A-0031 (LP)
25P-7041 (MT)
C28A-0147 (1981 LP reissue)
28P-6070 (1981 MT reissue)
D35A-0027 (1983 reissue)
D32A-0232 (1986 CD reissue)
D35A-0457 (1989 Gold CD reissue)
PCCA-00074 (1990 CD reissue)
YCCW-00008 (2001 CD reissue)
YCCW-10057 (2008 CD reissue)
¥2,800 (1981 reissue)
¥3,500 (1983 CD reissue)
¥3,200 (1986 CD reissue)
¥3,500 (1989 Gold CD reissue)
¥2,854 (1990 CD reissue)
¥2,835 (2001 CD reissue)
¥2,625 (2008 CD reissue)
  1. Hadashi de Hashire (裸足で走れ)
  2. Taxi Driver (タクシードライバ)
  3. Doroe no Naka Kara (泥海の中から)
  4. Shinji Gatai Mono (信じ難いもの)
  5. Neyuki (根雪)
  6. Kataomoi (片想)
  7. Dial 117 (ダイヤル117)
  8. Koishi no You ni (小石のように)
  9. Ookami ni Naritai (狼になりたい)
  10. Dangai -Shin'ai Naru Mono e- (断崖 -親愛なる者へ-)


"Shin'ai Naru Mono e" is the fifth album released by Nakajima Miyuki. The song "Neyuki" was used as the theme song for the drama Gogo no Koibito while "Dangai -Shin'ai Naru Mono e-" was re-recorded in 1992 as the B-side of her "Asai Nemuri" single. The LP version reached #1 on the Oricon charts and charted for 48 weeks, selling 247,000 copies while the MT version reached #7 on charts and charted for 32 weeks, selling 80,000 copies. In total, the album sold 327,000 copies.

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