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Singles II

Album Cover
Nakajima Miyuki
Singles II
2004.06.22 (reissue)
Catalog Number
PCTA-00200 (MT)
PCCA-00558 (CD)
PCCA-00559 (APO-CD)
YCCW-10005~6 (2004 reissue)
¥3,873 (CD & MT)
¥4,282 (APO-CD)
¥3,675 (2004 reissue)
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Jidai ('93 Single Version) (時代)
  2. Saigo no Megami (最後の女神)
  3. Jealousy Jealousy (ジェラシー・ジェラシー)
  4. Kizashi no Season (兆しのシーズン)
  5. Asai Nemuri (浅い眠り)
  6. Shin'ai Naru Mono e (親愛なる者へ)
  7. Tanjou (誕生)
  8. Maybe
  9. Tokyo Maigo (トーキョー迷子)
  10. Mikaeri Bijin (2nd Version) (見返り美人 (2nd Version))
CD2 Tracklist
  1. with
  2. Waratte yo Angel (笑ってよエンジェル)
  3. Ashita (あした)
  4. Goodbye Girl (グッバイ ガール)
  5. Namida -Made in tears- (涙 -Made in tears-)
  6. Kuukou Nisshi (空港日誌)
  7. Kamen (仮面)
  8. Netsubyou (2nd Version) (熱病 (2nd Version))
  9. Gokigen Ikaga (御機嫌如何)
  10. Sugar (シュガー)


Singles II is the fifth best-of album released by Nakajima Miyuki. The album reached #6 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for 9 weeks, selling 149,000 copies.

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