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Album Cover
Nakajima Miyuki
Ringetsu (臨月)
1982.10.01 (CD reissue)
1986.11.05 (CD reissue)
1989.03.21 (Gold CD reissue)
1990.05.21 (CD reissue)
2001.04.18 (CD reissue)
2008.10.01 (CD reissue)
Catalog Number
C28A-0141 (LP)
28P-6042 (MT)
D35A-0006 (1982 reissue)
D32A-0227 (1986 CD reissue)
D35A-0460 (1989 Gold CD reissue)
PCCA-00077 (1990 CD reissue)
YCCW-00011 (2001 CD reissue)
YCCW-10060 (2008 CD reissue)
¥3,500 (1983 CD reissue)
¥3,200 (1986 CD reissue)
¥3,500 (1989 Gold CD reissue)
¥2,854 (1990 CD reissue)
¥2,835 (2001 CD reissue)
¥2,625 (2008 CD reissue)
  1. Ashita Tenki ni Nare (あした天気になれ)
  2. Anata ga Umi wo Miteiru Uchi ni (あなたが海を見ているうちに)
  3. Awase Kagami (あわせ鏡)
  4. Hitori Jouzu (ひとり上手)
  5. Yuki (雪)
  6. Bus Doori (バス通り)
  7. Yuujou (友情)
  8. Seijin Sedai (成人世代)
  9. Yakyoku (夜曲)


Ringetsu is the eighth album released by Nakajima Miyuki. The album received the 23rd Japan Record Award for "Album Best 10". The LP version reached #1 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for 48 weeks, selling 400,000 copies while the MT version reached #1 on charts and charted for 33 weeks, selling 194,000 copies. In total, the album sold 590,000 copies and was the #6 album of the year 1981.

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