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Forever Friends (DAOKO)

Single Cover
Forever Friends
Other Information
Arrangement: Kousaki Satoru (MONACA)
Strings: Konno Hitoshi Strings
Horn: Saijo Takato, Kumai Yuu
Bass: Watanabe Hideki
Guitar: Itami Masahiro
Piano & Programming: Kousaki Satoru (MONACA)


"Forever Friends" is pop song recorded by DAOKO. It is a cover of REMEDIOS' song of the same name. The track appears as the B-side to DAOKO's third single "Uchiage Hanabi". "Friends Forever" is performed in English, and it was used as an insert song in the anime film Uchiage Hanabi, Shita Kara Miru ka? Yoko Kara Miru ka? by Iwai Shunji.

Music Video

A scene from the music video

A music video was created for the song, filmed in the same places where the original live action movie was filmed. It was directed by Iwai Shunji, who also directed the original live-action movie.

Live Performances

  • [2017.06.28] DAOKO THE RADIO
  • [2017.07.16] JOIN ALIVE 2017

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