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Hitoto Omoi

Album Cover
Hitoto Yo
Hitoto Omoi (一青想; Thoughts of Hitoto)
2004.12.01 (Limited Edition)
2004.04.07 (Regular Edition)
Catalog Number
COZA-123/4 (Limited Edition)
COCP-32697 (Regular Edition)
¥3,150 (Limited Edition)
¥2,625 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Kyou Wazurai (今日わずらい; Today's Worry)
  3. Hito Shian (一思案 (ひとしあん); Thoughts of One)
  4. Iro wa Momiji (いろはもみじ; The Colours are Autumn Colours)
  5. Omokage Modern (面影モダン; Modern Face)
  6. Uyamuya (うやむや; Hazy)
  7. Kingyo Sukui (金魚すくい; Goldfish Scooping Game)
  8. Edo Polka (江戸ポルカ)
  9. Da Jia (大家(ダージャー); [Zh]: Everyone)
  10. Yume Nakaba (夢なかば; Mid-Dreaming)
  11. Hanamizuki (ハナミズキ; Flowering Dogwood)
Regular DVD Tracklist
  1. Morai Naki (もらい泣き; Infectious Crying) (Music Video)
  2. Da Jia (大家(ダージャー)) (Music Video)
  3. Kingyo Sukui (金魚すくい) (Music Video)
  4. Edo Polka (江戸ポルカ) (Music Video)
  5. Hanamizuki (ハナミズキ) (Music Video)
Limited DVD Tracklist
  1. Kyou Wazurai (今日わずらい)
  2. Omokage Modern (面影モダン)
  3. Edo Polka (江戸ポルカ)
  4. Nennenseisei (年年歳歳; Year In, Year Out)
  5. Tsukitenshin (月天心; The Moon's Zenith)
  6. Morai Naki (もらい泣き)
  7. Hito Shian (一思案)
  8. Hanamizuki (ハナミズキ)


Hitoto Omoi is the second studio album released by Hitoto Yo. The album was released in three editions: a CD only edition, a first press CD+DVD version and one month later a limited CD+Live DVD edition. The limited edition featured eight highlights from Yo's Hitoto Yo LIVE TOUR 2004 ~Tetoshan DVD that was released on the same day. The interlude was featured in the movie Café Lumière. The album reached #3 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for a total of 103 weeks, selling 346,138 copies. It became the #54 album of 2004, selling 259,804 units. The limited tour edition reached #46 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 13 weeks, selling 34,201 copies.

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