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Hitoto Yo Live Tour 2004 ~Tetoshan~

DVD Cover
Hitoto Yo
Hitoto Yo LIVE TOUR 2004 ~Tetoshan~ (一青窈 LIVE TOUR 2004 ~てとしゃん~)
Catalog Number
  1. Kyou Wazurai (今日わずらい; Today's Worry)
  2. Hisui (翡翠; Kingfisher)
  3. Kokorogawari (心変わり; Faithlessness)
  4. Iro wa Momiji (いろはもみじ; The Colours are Autumn Colours)
  5. Yume Nakaba (夢なかば; ; Mid-Dreaming)
  6. Omokage Modern (面影モダン; Modern Face)
  7. Kingyo Sukui (金魚すくい; Goldfish-Scooping Game)
  8. Edo Polka (江戸ポルカ)
  9. Otokibako (音木箱; Wooden Music Box)
  10. Nennensaisai (年年歳歳; Year In, Year Out)
  11. Accordion (あこるでぃおん)
  12. Tsukitenshin (song) (月天心; When the Moon is Directly Above the Earth)
  13. Ima Doko (イマドコ; Now, Where?)
  14. Inu (犬; Dog)
  15. Morai Naki (もらい泣き; Infectious Tears)
  16. Arigatoutou (アリガ十々; Thankyou2)
  17. Hito Shian (一思案; ')
  18. Hanamizuki (ハナミズキ; Flowering Dogwood)
  19. Bang Chhun-hong (望春風; Hope, Spring, Breeze)


Hitoto Yo LIVE TOUR 2004 ~Tetoshan~ is the second DVD released by Hitoto Yo. It features footage filmed live at Tokyo NHK hall on April 11th, 2004. The DVD reached #22 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 10 weeks.

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