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Shigusa Uta

DVD Cover
Hitoto Yo
Shigusa Uta (思草歌; Action Songs)
Catalog Number
  1. Nennenseisei (年年歳歳; Year In, Year Out)
  2. Papa e (ぱぱへ; To Dad)
  3. Accordion (あこるでぃおん)
  4. Kazaguruma (かざぐるま; Pinwheel)
  5. Hisui (翡翠; Kingfisher)
  6. Sasayaki Namiki (ささやき並木; The Whispers of the Trees on the Roadside)
  7. Da Jia (大家(ダージャー); [Zh]: Everyone)
  8. Hitori de ni (ひとりでに; Alone)
  9. Morai Naki (もらい泣き; Infectious Tears)
  10. Key
  11. Domino (ドミノ)
  12. Tsunaide Te (つないで手; Hands Held Together)
  13. Chuuburarin (宙ぶらりん; Swinging in the Air)
  14. Shiori (栞; Bookmark)
  15. Hanamizuki (ハナミズキ; Flowering Dogwood)
  16. Ukeirete (受け入れて; Receiving)
  17. "Tadaima" (「ただいま」; I'm Home)
  18. Arigatou (アリガ十々; Thank You)
  19. Bang Chhun-hong (望春風; Hope, Spring, Breeze)


Shigusa Uta is the fifth DVD released by Hitoto Yo. It contains footage from her Otomo Naohito Produce POPULAR WEEK concert held at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan in front of 600 fans. The concert splits into two sections: the first with Hitoto Yo describing her life from childhood to debut as a musician over the piano of Takebe Satoshi, and the second featuring the addition of string and percussion sections for performances of tracks from Hitoto's latest album Key. It also features Yo Hitoto's acapella encore. The concert was produced by Otomo Naohito, a famous music video director. The DVD reached #55 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 3 weeks.

Tour Schedule

Date Time Place
2008.03.03 19:00 Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

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