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Hamada Kei

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Kei promoting silk tree. (2009)

Hamada Kei (濱田圭) is a Japanese rock musician. He made his debut as K in the 1990s working with bands like Kagerou and Clarity, and would later become the guitarist for kannivalism and baroque. In 2005 he started going by his given name Kei and in 2008 made his solo debut with the single "the primary.".




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Kei promoting "the primary." (2008)
  • He has been the youngest member in both kannivalism and baroque.
  • He liked to pull off the "bad-boy" image with drinking and smoking at a young age.
  • He looks up to Miyavi.
  • RUKA from Nightmare is a close friend.
  • He and Ryou have known each other since they were in Clarity (the first recording band they both played in).
  • When he was a child, he dreamed of running a banana shop.
  • To him, his greatest enemy is himself.
  • If he were to be reborn he would again want to be a guy.
  • He is known to pray before lives.
  • His ideal type of woman would be someone like Goto Maki.

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