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Ogura Yui

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Ogura Yui promoting "Destiny" (2019)

Ogura Yui (小倉唯) is a seiyuu idol and singer managed by Clare Voice. She was formerly under Up-Front Style, and was part of StylipS managed by Style Cube. She is currently a member of the idol duo YuiKaori.


  • Birth Name: Ogura Yui (小倉唯)
  • Date of Birth: August 15, 1995 (1995-08-15) (age 24)
  • Place of Birth: Gunma, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 150cm
  • Skills: classic ballet, swimming, jazz and tap dancing
  • HAPPY! STYLE groups:
  • Style Cube groups:
  • Other:


In 2008, Ogura was placed into HAPPY! STYLE a new Up-Front Style unit which performs live musical performances of famous idol and anime songs. In that same year Yui was the dance motion capture model for the vocaloid character Hatsune Miku. In 2009, Yui was placed into the group Team DEKARIS along with Noto Arisa, Ishihara Kaori & Matsunaga Maho. Then in May of 2010 she and Ishihara Kaori formed a new duo group called YuiKaori.

In 2011, she took part in the seiyuu group RO-KYU-BU! in order to sing the theme songs for the anime series in which she voiced a character. Later in October of 2011 she was placed into the promotional unit StylipS with the same members of former group Team DEKARIS. Her debut solo single was announced in April 2012, to be the ending theme song for the light novel-based TV anime series Campione!, where Yui also provided the voice of the character Altena.

Ogura released her first full-length album Strawberry JAM in March of 2015, and held her first solo concert in July.


Ogura Yui promoting "Raise" (2012)
Ogura Yui promoting "Charming Do!" (2014)
Ogura Yui promoting Strawberry JAM (2015)
Ogura Yui promoting "Future Strike" (2016)
Ogura Yui promoting Cherry Passport (2017)



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yui memory

  • [2014.06.03] yui memory


Net Programs

  • [2012] StylipS Star Seiyuu e no Michi (StylipSスター声優への道!; StylipS: The Road to Becoming Voice-Acting Stars)


  • Hobbies: walking her pet dog, karaoke, shopping
  • Favorite word: Arigatou [Thank you] ("Arigatou" is a magic word, it warms the hearts of people.)
  • Favourite Food: dried plum, ice cream, strawberries
  • Disliked Food: nattou (fermented soybeans), mushrooms, seafood, raw fish
  • Qualifications: 5th level Chinese Character certification, 5th level English Proficiency certification, 1st level Swimming certification
  • Favourite Movie: "Spirited Away" ("It gave me courage and I was deeply moved by Chihiro, who worked very hard to turn her parents, who got turned into pigs, back into humans.")
  • Favourite Game: The Game of Life
  • Favourite Actor: Aragaki Yui ("Her acting is skilful and she has got silky hair.")
  • Favourite Anime: Meitantei Conan [Detective Conan] ("It is funny that even though he's small, his brain is that of an adult.")
  • Favourite sport: skiing, skating, swimming
  • Current Obsessions: roller-ball pens, dressing up her pet dog

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