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The Feels

Digital Cover
Digital Single
The Feels
  1. The Feels
  2. The Feels (The Stereotypes Remix)
  3. The Feels (YVES V Remix)
  4. The Feels (Instrumental)
  5. The Feels (The Stereotypes Remix Instrumental)
  6. The Feels (YVES V Remix Instrumental)


"The Feels" is the first English digital single released by TWICE.

Song Information

Woo Min Lee "collapsedone", Justin Reinstein, Anna Timgren, Boy Matthews
Woo Min Lee "collapsedone", Justin Reinstein, Anna Timgren
Other Information
Arrangement: Woo Min Lee "collapsedone", Justin Reinstein
Synth: Woo Min Lee "collapsedone", Justin Reinstein
Guitar: Woo Min Lee "collapsedone"
Bass: Woo Min Lee "collapsedone"
Background vocals: Sophia Pae, Anna Timgren
Vocals Direction: Woo Min Lee "collapsedone", Sophia Pae
Vocal edits: Woo Min Lee "collapsedone"
Recording: Eom Sehee, Lee Sangyeop at JYPE Studios
Mix: Tony Maserati at Mirrorball Studios, North Hollywood
Assistant mix engineer: David K Younghyun
Master: Kwon Namwoo at 821 Sound Mastering
Immersive Mix Engineer: John Hanes at MixStar Studios, Virginia Beach, VA

The Stereotypes Remix

Remix: The Stereotypes
Keys: Jonathan Yip
Synth: Jeremy Reeves
Bass: Ray Charles McCullough
Drums: Ray Romulus
Mix: Kevin "KD" Davis at Beach Wave Sound, North Hollywood, CA
Master: Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering

YVES V Remix

Remix: YVES V
Mix: One Mix Mastering
Master: One Mix Mastering

Korean Ver.

Lyrics: Chaeyoung

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