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Transmigration (Mizuki Nana)

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Mizuki Nana
Okui Masami
Yabuki Toshiro
Other Information
Programming and arrangement: Yabuki Toshiro
Guitar: Yabuki Toshiro
Bass: Yamada Masato
Keyboards: Yabuki Toshiro
Chorus: Mizuki Nana and Okui Masami
Other Information (TRANSMIGRATION 2007)
Programming and arrangement: Yabuki Toshiro
Synth programming and guitars: Yabuki Toshiro
Bass: L.A steak box
Drums: Ricky Lawson
Acoustic guitar: Yabuki Toshiro and Koh-chan
Chorus: Koh-chan, Tanaka Kosaku and Takahashi Satomi
Recording and mixing: Yabuki Toshiro at studio ssj

"TRANSMIGRATION" is a rock song recorded by Mizuki Nana. The song can be found on her supersonic girl album as track #7. A rearranged version of the song called "TRANSMIGRATION 2007" was included on her THE MUSEUM best album as track #16. The song was covered by Okui Masami, in her album: S-mode #3, who wrote the lyrics.