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YG Family 2 97-YG-02

2CD Cover
CD Only Cover
YG Family
YG Family 2 97-YG-02
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Jinusean, Danny, Jin Hwan, Masta Wu, G-Dragon - Meotjjaengi Sinsa (멋쟁이 신사)
  2. Perry, Teddy, Baek Kyoung, Swi.T, SEVEN - Get Ready (Part 2)
  3. YG (feat. Perry - Show Me Love
  4. Masta Wu - Sweet Love
  5. SEVEN (YG New Face) - Hanbeon Dan Hanbeon (한번 단 한번)
  6. Jinusean, Danny, Jin Hwan, Lexy, G-Dragon - YMCA Yagudan (feat. Wheesung) (야구단)
  7. Teddy, Danny - Free Fallin
  8. Swi.T - Everybody Get Down (Part 2) (feat. Jinu)
  9. G-Dragon, Taek Won - Jeo Nopeungose Pyeolcheo (feat. Park Ji Yeon) (저 높은곳에 펼쳐)
  10. Perry, Masta Wu, G-Dragon - Why Be Normal? (feat. Park Ji Yeon))
  11. Jinusean, 1TYTM, Lexy, G-Dragon - A-Yo! (YG Family Ver.) (Bonus Track)
  12. Park Ji Yeon (M.Boat New Face) - Fallin (Bonus Track)
CD2 Tracklist
YG Family Remix
  1. YG Family - YG Family Bounce
  2. 1TYM - 1TYM
  3. YG - Amudo Anmideo (feat. Teddy) (아무도 안믿어)
  4. YG Family - Throw Them Hands Up
  5. 1TYM - One Love
  6. Jinusean - Gasoline
  7. YG - Angmaui Yeongi (feat. Perry) (악마의 연기)
  8. YG Family - Urineum YG Family (우리는)
  9. 1TYM - 1TYM (Remix 2)
  10. 1TYM - Nasty
  11. YG Family - Light, Camera, Action
  12. Meotjjaengi Sinsa (Instrumental) (멋쟁이 신사)


YG Family 2 97-YG-02 is YG Family's second studio and best/remix album. It was released to commemorate YG Entertainment's fifth anniversary in two editions, CD Only and 2CD. The first CD fetures new songs performed by YG Family. The 2CD edition includes a compilation remix album of songs released by YG artists in those five years.

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