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69/96 Girl Meets Cassette

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Album Cover
69/96 Girl Meets Cassette
Oyamada Keigo
Oyamada Keigo
Other Information
Bass: Watanabe Hitoshi
Drums and percussion: ASA-CHANG
Electric guitar and chorus: Oyamada Keigo
Steel pedal guitar: Ozaki Takashi
Harmonica: Yagi Nobuo
Manipulations: Imanari Riki, Mishima Toyoaki


"69/96 Girl Meets Cassette" is a Shibuya-Kei song recorded by CORNELIUS, and sung by Kahimi Karie. It was written and produced by Oyamda and featured on his best selling second studio album 69/96. It features vocals from Kahimi, who at the time of recording and release was Oyamada's girlfriend and musical protege. She performed a lip sync performance of the song along song CORNELIUS' "MOON WALK" on a NHK special. The song is often credited as a Kahimi song due to the vocals, but does not appear anywhere in her discography. It is written and performed in English.

For the recording of "69/96 Girl Meets Cassette" Oyamada worked with members of experimental noise band Violent Onsen Geisha. Like much of the record it also features ASA-CHANG on guitar.

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