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Beautiful Night / Love Letter

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Korean Digital Single Cover
Japanese Digital Single Cover
Digital Single
Beautiful Night / Love Letter (Japan)
KARA The Animation (Korea)
2013.12.11 (Japan)
2013.12.24 (Korea)
¥400 (Japan)
  1. Beautiful Night
  2. Love Letter
  3. Beautiful Night (Inst.) (Korean digital single only)
  4. Love Letter (Inst.) (Korean digital single only)


"Beautiful Night / Love Letter" is the fourteenth Japanese digital single released by KARA. It contains two Korean songs used in their anime KARA The Animation, with "Beautiful Night" being the opening theme and "Love Letter" the ending theme. Both songs were also previously released as bonus tracks on the CD Only First Press editions of the Japanese singles "Bye Bye Happy Days!" and "Thank You Summer Love", respectively. Three weeks later the songs were released in Korea as their seventh Korean digital single with the title "KARA The Animation", including the instrumentals.

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