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Summergic / Sunshine Miracle / Sunny Days

Limited Edition A (CD+DVD+Goods) Cover
Limited Edition B (CD+DVD) Cover
Limited Edition C (Individual Member / CD Only) Cover
Regular Ediiton (CD Only) Cover
Summer☆gic / Sunshine Miracle / SUNNY DAYS (サマー☆ジック / Sunshine Miracle / SUNNY DAYS)
2015.04.29 (Digital)
Catalog Number
UPCH-89217 (Limited Edition A (CD+DVD+Goods))
UPCH-89218 (Limited Edition B (CD+DVD))
UPCH-89219 (Limited Edition C Gyuri Ver. (CD Only))
UPCH-89220 (Limited Edition C Seung Yeon Ver. (CD Only))
UPCH-89221 (Limited Edition C Hara Ver. (CD Only))
UPCH-89222 (Limited Edition C Young Ji Ver. (CD Only))
UPCH-80404 (Regular Edition (CD Only))
¥3,132 (Limited Edition A (CD+DVD+Goods))
¥1,728 (Limited Edition B (CD+DVD))
¥1,080 (Limited Editions C / Regular Edition (CD Only))
CD Tracklist
  1. Summer☆gic (サマー☆ジック)
  2. Sunshine Miracle
  4. Summer☆gic (Instrumental) (サマー☆ジック)
  5. Sunshine Miracle (Instrumental)
  6. SUNNY DAYS (Instrumental)
"Limited Edition A" DVD Tracklist
  1. Summer☆gic Music Video (サマー☆ジック)
  2. Summer☆gic Music Video Making (サマー☆ジック)
"Limited Edition B" DVD Tracklist
  1. Summer☆gic Music Video [Dance ver.] (サマー☆ジック)
  2. Bonus Video


"Summer☆gic / Sunshine Miracle / SUNNY DAYS" is KARA's twelfth Japanese single and first triple A-side single. It was released in four editions: a limited CD+DVD+Goods edition type A, a limited CD+DVD edition type B, four limited CD only editions, one edition per member, and a regular CD only edition. Limited editions type C comes with a picture label of the correspondent member's edition. The full single got released digitally a week earlier as their 16th digital single.

Oricon Chart Positions

KARA promoting the single
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
1 2 1 4 3 2 2 2 52,496
16 - - - - - - 54 1,353
- - - - - - - 99 756
- - - - - - - 146 503
Year Month Rank Sales
2015 May 4 55,108

Total Reported Sales: 55,108 (#122 single of 2015)

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