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DEEP (group)

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DEEP promoting THE SINGER (2018)

DEEP is a four-member Japanese pop/R&B group under the Sony Music Entertainment sublabel One Nation and LDH agency. The group was originally formed by ATSUSHI in 2004 as COLOR. Two years later, in late 2006, three of the four members left the group. ATSUSHI become the producer while TAKA become the new leader, and three new members joined COLOR. In July 2009, they changed the group's name from COLOR to DEEP, and announced that they were not longer produced by ATSUSHI. In December 2015, the group switched labels from the avex trax sublabel rhythm zone to the Sony Music Entertainment sublabel One Nation, with the single "MAYDAY" as their first release on the new label.


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COLOR promoting "Blue Sky" (2007)
COLOR promoting "With you ~Luv merry X'mas~" (2008)
DEEP promoting "Endless road" (2009)
DEEP promoting "MAYDAY" (2016)


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