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Mienai Chikara ~Invisible One~

Mienai Chikara ~Invisible One~ (ミエナイチカラ 〜INVISIBLE ONE〜; Invisible Power)
Inaba Koshi
Matsumoto Tak
Other Information
Arrangement: Matsumoto Tak, Inaba Koshi, Ikeda Daisuke
Bass: Akashi Masao
Drums: Aoyama Jun
Organ: Masuda Takanobu
Manipulator: Ikeda Daisuke

"Mienai Chikara ~Invisible One~" is a rock song recorded by B'z. The song was used as the first ending theme for the TV Asahi anime Jikoku Sensei Nube. It can be found on the "Mienai Chikara ~Invisible One~ / Move" single as track #1 and on the B'z The Best "Treasure" album as track #8.