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Morning Musume First Live at Budokan ~Dancing Love Site 2000 Haru~

モーニング娘。ライブ 初の武道館 ~ダンシング ラブ サイト 2000 春~ (English: Morning Musume First Live at Budokan ~Dancing Love Site 2000 Spring~) is a DVD (EPBE5011) and VHS (EPVE5011) release of a concert by Morning Musume, with a couple of guest appearances by other Hello! Project groups, which was performed to audiences of 22,000 people. The original concert was on May 20-21, 2000. It was released on 2002-08-30. This concert included the graduation of 2nd generation member of Morning Musume, Ichii Sayaka. It was also the first tour featuring the four new members - Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi and Kago Ai.

VHS cover
VHS cover

Track listing

  1. ハッピーサマーウェディング (Happy Summer Wedding, Morning Musume)
  2. 恋のダンスサイト (Koi no Dance Site, Morning Musume)
  3. 愛車 ローンで (Aisha Loan de, Morning Musume)
  4. 真夏の光線 (Manatsu no Kousen, Morning Musume)
  5. おもいで (Omoide, Morning Musume)
  6. DANCEするのだ! (DANCE Suru no da!, Morning Musume)
  7. 北海道シャララ (Hokkaido Shalala, Country Musume)
  8. 告白記念日 (Kokuhaku Kinenbi, Melon Kinenbi)
  9. 捨てないでよ (Sutenaide yo, Nakazawa Yuko)
  10. たんぽぽ (Tanpopo, Tanpopo)
  11. ちょこっとLOVE (Chokotto LOVE, Petitmoni)
  12. 原宿6:00集合 (Harajuku 6:00 Shuugou, Morning Musume)
  13. 未来の扉 (Mirai no Tobira, Morning Musume)
  14. 抱いてHOLD ON ME! (Daite HOLD ON ME!, Morning Musume)
  15. LOVEマシーン (Love Machine, Morning Musume)
  16. モーニングコーヒー (Morning Coffee, Morning Musume)
  17. サマーナイトタウン (Summer Night Town, Morning Musume)
  18. ダディドゥーデドダディ! (Da Di Du De Do Da Di!, Morning Musume)
  19. LOVEマシーンおまけ画像 (Morning Musume) *Only on initial VHS release

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