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Saho Akari

Saho Akari promoting 6th Album (Kakko Kari) (2020)

Saho Akari (佐保明梨) is an idol formerly managed by Up-Front Agency as a member of the groups Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) and UFZS. She is also a former member of Hello! Project in which she was a member of Hello! Pro Egg, Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai, Shugo Chara Egg! and Aa!




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  • [2009.10.03-2010.03.27] Shugo Chara Party! (しゅごキャラ パーティー!) (as host Amulet Spade)

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  • She is close friends with S/mileage member Maeda Yuuka.
  • Eats rice for breakfast.
  • Has a habit of touching her neck.
  • Her favorite spot is her room.
  • It was announced on April 18, 2011 that Saho Akari had completed her Egg training. Soon after it was announced that she would be a member of the dance cover group UFZS, that represents Up Front and womens magazine Josei Jishin.
  • She graduated from Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) on December 17, 2020.


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