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Gatas Brilhantes H.P.

Gatas Brilhantes H.P. (ガッタス ブリリャンチス H.P.) is the futsal (indoor soccer) team consisting of members of Hello! Project. It was created as a part of a "celebrity futsal" initiative after the World Cup 2002, and officially founded in October 2003 (although it would not receive its current name until 2004).

The name is originally from Portuguese and can be literally translated as "Shining Pussycats". Pussycat being Brazilian slang for a pretty girl and shining in this context means someone talented or exceptional (much like the word tensai in Japanese).

Team members

Gatas Brilhantes H.P.

ガッタス ブリリャンチス H.P.

Nickname Gatas

Hello! Project

Founded September 2003
League Futsal League for Working Lady

Kitazawa Tsuyoshi


Yoshizawa Hitomi


Current members

No. Name Group

Tsuji Nozomi (Goalkeeper)

soloist (currently inactive)

Fujimoto Miki

Dream Morning Musume (currently inactive)

Korenaga Miki

Ongaku Gatas


Ishikawa Rika

Dream Morning Musume/Ongaku Gatas

Yoshizawa Hitomi (Captain)

Dream Morning Musume/Ongaku Gatas

Yajima Maimi


Risa Ono


Furukawa Konatsu

Up Up Girls (temporary)


Sato Ayano

Up Up Girls (temporary)


Saho Akari

Up Up Girls (temporary)


Okai Chisato



Sengoku Minami

Up Up Girls (temporary)/Ongaku Gatas


Mori Saki

Up Up Girls (temporary)


Nagai Saki


Sugawara Kanae


Yaguchi Megumi (Goalkeeper)

Reserves & Former Members

See Gatas Brilhantes H.P. (members).

Little Gatas

See Little Gatas.

Mix Gatas

See Mix Gatas.


See Gatas Brilhantes H.P. (results).


The official Gatas uniform is orange with white accents. All of the members of Morning Musume wore jerseys similiar to the Gatas uniforms in the Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ PV. There is also a second uniform in a light blue color that isn't worn as often, but recently made an appearance at a training camp held in June. The keepers Konno Asami and Tsuji Nozomi wore new red jerseys for the duration of the camp. And on top of that, there was a third uniform that was worn for a futsal clinic held on July 2, 2005. These clinic uniforms were light pink.

In late July of 2005 the uniforms were changed to orange with black trim, with the goal keepers wearing navy blue with orange trim. There is also an alternate uniform of black with orange trim, with the goal keepers wearing silver with orange trim. With this change the uniforms also stopped having the team name written on the front and instead have the name of their new sponsor, the Skylark Group.

Ongaku Gatas

Several members of the team had formed a music unit - Ongaku Gatas.


  • Despite being formed in autumn 2003 for the sake of playing in the Hello! Project Sports Festival 2003, Gatas did not receive its name until 2004.
  • During summer 2006, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Fujimoto Miki, Ishikawa Rika and Tsuji Nozomi had to temporarily leave the team to attend other duties. During this time, Shibata Ayumi was named captain of the team and several members of Little Gatas, Hello! Pro Egg, and foreign exchange student Shimmin were brought in to support the team in their absence. This team was called MIX Gatas.
  • Gatas Brilhantes were spokeswomen for Adidas during summer of 2006.
  • Except for the H!P Kids, all Gatas members have referee credentials.

Top Scorer

Place Name Year-by-year
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Total
Korenaga Miki - 5 20 10 - 35
Yoshizawa Hitomi - 8 12 5 1 26
Fujimoto Miki - 5 8 6 1 20
Satoda Mai - 1 5 1 - 7
Ishikawa Rika 1 1 3 1 - 6


Place Name Year-by-year
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Total
Satoda Mai 2 14 33 28 4 81
Yoshizawa Hitomi 2 14 32 25 4 77
Fujimoto Miki - 14 32 25 4 75
Korenaga Miki - 11 32 28 - 71
Ishikawa Rika 2 9 31 22 1 65
Total Matches
- Matches 2 14 36 28 4 84

Official Media



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  • [2006.11.20] ポケットGatas (Pocket Gatas) amazon.co.jp
  • [2007.01.29] みうなノート (Miuna Note) amazon.co.jp
  • [2007.03.20] ポケットGatas The Dramatic Games Selection 2003-2007 (Pocket Gatas: The Dramatic Games Selection 2003-2007) amazon.co.jp
  • [2007.04.27] スピリッツ・オブ・ガッタス2007 (Spirit of Gatas 2007) amazon.co.jp


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