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OSSAN was a Johnny's Entertainment Junior group from Kansai.


Former Member


  • The group was put together by Yokoyama Yu of Kanjani8.
  • Their name is, like most names from Johnny's Entertainment these days, made up by the first letter of their name.
  • The original thought was that they'd be a group of five members.
  • At the Kansai Jr. concert 2007 they started playing instruments. Everyone with the exception for Satake Koki were inexperienced by then.
  • In spring of 2008, Nagao Hiroki quit the group. Later, Adachi Tasuku joined as a member and the group's name changed from OSSaN to OSSAN.
  • In December of 2008, Satake Koki decided to quit the agency, which caused the break up of the band.

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