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Shuuji to Akira

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Shuuji to Akira

Shuuji to Akira (修二と彰; Shuuji and Akira) is a Johnny's Entertainment special unit.


The name from this group comes from the characters Kamenashi and Yamashita play in the dorama Nobuta wo Produce. In the dorama, Kamenashi played the part of Shuuji and Yamashita played Akira. The duo produced one single in character to be used as the ending song of Nobuta wo Produce. The single, Seishun Amigo quickly became the best selling single of the year on the Oricon Yearly Single Rankings for 2005, partly due to the popularity of the dorama and Kamenashi and Yamashita. It has since sold over 1.5 million copies. Though the duo still performs together as Shuuji to Akira on occasion, they are not expected to release any more singles.