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Veteran is a Kansai Johnny's Jr. group.


  • Itou Masashi (伊藤政氏)
  • Kikuoka Masahiro (菊岡正展)
  • Hamanaka Bunichi (浜中文一)
  • Muro Tatsuki (室龍規)
  • Muro Ryūta (室 龍太)
  • Yamasaki Kunta (山碕 薫太)


  • Itou Masashi is the oldest Kansai Jr. member.
  • Hamanaka Bunichi is also a member of the Jr. group, Butoukan.
  • Muro Tatsuki and Muro Ryuta are brothers.
  • Before being choosen to be in Veteran, Muro Ryuta and Yamasaki Kunta were members of BOYS.
  • Ito Masashi left in June 2011. Because BOYS was disbanded, Hamada Takahiro perform with the rest as Hamada Takahiro with Veteran.