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Amamiya Sora

Amamiya Sora promoting "Love-Evidence" (2022)

Amamiya Sora (雨宮天) is a Japanese seiyuu and pop singer affiliated with Music Ray'n.


  • Name: Amamiya Sora (雨宮天)
  • Nickname: Ten-chan (天ちゃん)
  • Birthdate: August 28, 1993 (1993-08-28) (age 28)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 160cm
  • Bands / Groups:


Amamiya Sora's inspiration to become a voice actress came from a video reel of anime roles by Sawashiro Miyuki that she was introduced to in her second year of high school. In 2011, she auditioned for Music Ray'n's second Super Seiyuu Audition, and passed along with finalists Asakura Momo and Natsukawa Shiina. The three went on to form the idol group TrySail.

Amamiya started to amass popularity when she starred as the heroine Fujimiya Kaori in the 2014 anime Isshuukan Friends.. She also released a character song that served as its ending theme, "Kanade", a cover of the hit Sukima Switch song from ten years earlier. Not long after, Amamiya was cast as the titular character of Akame ga KILL!, and made her solo artist debut singing its first season opening theme "Skyreach", and later its second closing theme "Tsukiakari". She placed #7 in Charapedia's poll for the most popular voice actresses of 2014 thanks in part to her roles as Asseylum Vers Allusia and Elizabeth Lyonesse in ALDNOAH.ZERO and Nanatsu no Taizai respectively, both of which became hit anime in that year.

In March of 2015, she shared the award for Best Rookie Actress with Ueda Reina and Suzaki Aya at the 9th Annual Seiyuu Awards held at the JOQR Media Plus Hall in Tokyo. In September 2016, Amamiya will release her first solo album Various BLUE, and hold her first live concert entitled "Various SKY" in Osaka and Tokyo.


Amamiya Sora promoting "Skyreach" (2014)
Amamiya Sora promoting "Velvet Rays" (2015)
Amamiya Sora promoting Various BLUE (2016)
Amamiya Sora promoting "Eternal" (2017)
Amamiya Sora promoting The Only BLUE (2018)
Amamiya Sora promoting "VIPER" (2019)
Amamiya Sora promoting Paint it, BLUE (2020)
Amamiya Sora promoting "Eien no Aria" (2021)


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  • [2014.01-] TrySail no TRYangle harmony
  • [2014.03-2014.10] Mahouka no Rettousei WEB Radio Mankai! Bloom Housou Iinkai
  • [2014.04-2014.06] Radio Dottoai Amamiya Sora no Gunjou Galapagos
  • [2014.06-2015.04] ALDNOAH.RADIO
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