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Baby I See You

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Kato Miliyah
Baby I See You feat. VERBAL (m-flo)
Miliyah and VERBAL
Miliyah and VERBAL
Other Information
Arrangement: Shingo.S
Programming: 3rd Productions
Drums: Armin T. Linzbichler
Guitar: Kohama Masa
Piano: Ito Takahiro
Fender Bass: Okiyama Yuji
Strings: Gen Ittetsu Strings
Strings Arrangement: Kadowaki Daisuke
Band Recorded by Hara Takeshi at Sony Music Studios Tokyo
Rap Recorded by Lucas Valentine at AMBUSH Studio
Vocal Recorded & Mixed by Kaneko Mitsuyasu at Giallo Porta
Inspired by original track written by Shusui
VERBAL by the courtesy of espionage records. / avex entertainment Inc.
Assisted by Mikami Seiji

"Baby I See You" is a song recorded by Kato Miliyah. The song is found on her HEAVEN album as track #6.