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Come to Where I Am

Album Cover
Lena Park
come to where I am
  1. Funny Star
  2. Nunmulbic Geulssi (눈물빛 글씨)
  3. Darayo (달아요)
  4. Maeumi Meonjeo (마음이 먼저)
  5. The Other Side
  6. Hey Yeah
  7. Mideoyo (믿어요)
  8. Heeojimeun Motdwaesseoyo (헤어짐은 못됐어요)
  9. Udukeoni (우두커니)
  10. Sungan (순간)
  11. Smile
  12. Everyday Prayer


come to where I am is the sixth album released by Lena Park. All the album's songs were written, composed and produced by Lena herself. It contains songs in both English and Korean. The song "Nunmulbic Geulssi" was used as lead track.

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