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On & On (Lena Park)

Digipack Edition Cover
Regular Case Edition Cover
Lena Park
On & On
  1. Ode
  2. Areumdaun Neoreul (아름다운 너를; Beautiful You)
  3. Long Goodbye
  4. Dahl (달; Moon)
  5. Miracle
  6. Arabolkkeyo (알아볼께요; I'll Look Into It)
  7. Mirae (미래; Future)
  8. Geureoji Maseyo (그러지 마세요)
  9. Oneuriramyeon (오늘이라면; If It Was Today)
  10. Mia (미아(迷兒))
  11. Single Ring (싱글 링)
  12. Very Thought
  13. Ghost
  14. Havishamui Waltz (Miss Havisham's Waltz) (하비샴의 왈츠)


On & On is the fifth Korean album released by Lena Park. The songs "Dahl", "Geureoji Maseyo", "Mia" and "Single Ring" were used as lead tracks. The album was released housed in a digipack. Later produced copies were released in regular CD cases.

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