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Sweet Heart

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Single Cover
sweet heart
Catalog Number
  1. sweet heart (Straight Run)
  2. sweet heart (LA Intensive Remix)
  3. sweet heart (Instrumental)


"sweet heart" is globe's 15th single. The single was the third out of four singles for the singles project "BRAND NEW globe 4 SINGLES". The PV presents the project's theme of "Evil Dreams" as it reflects of an evil dream that TK has seen. Meanwhile, the title track was used as a theme song for the FORD "COUNTDOWN FESTIVAL" commercials. The single reached #1 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for nine weeks, selling 389,730 copies. It also reached #63 on the yearly Oricon charts for 1998.

Song Information

Komuro Tetsuya, MARC
Komuro Tetsuya
Other Information
Arrangement: Komuro Tetsuya


There are currently four versions of "sweet heart" to be found in globe's discography.

sweet heart
Found on globe's 15th single, "sweet heart", as track #1. It is also found on the CRUISE RECORD 1995-2000 album as track #5 on Disc 1, on the globe Decade -Single History 1995-2004- album as track #5 on Disc 2, and on the (avex ARCHIVES) COMPLETE BEST globe vol.1 album as track #7.
sweet heart -album version-
Found on globe's third studio album, Relation, as track #6.
sweet heart (Instrumental)
Found on globe's 15th single, "sweet heart", as track #3. This is the standard version except without the main vocals.
sweet heart (LA Intensive Remix)
Found on globe's 15th single, "sweet heart", as track #2.

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