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Watanabe Minayo

Watanabe Minayo (2009)

Watanabe Minayo (渡辺美奈代) was a Japanese pop idol singer and Onyanko Club member #29.


  • Married Name: Yajima Minayo (矢島美奈代)
  • Birthdate: September 28, 1969 (1969-09-28) (age 54)
  • Birthplace: Nishiharu, Aichi Prefecture
  • Bloodtype: B


Watanabe Minayo first studied music and took lessons at the Japan Artist Office in Aiuchi Prefecture. She was scouted by CBS Records and was offer a contract with Burning Production. She then joined the idol group Onyanko Club on November 1985 when she passed the Idol wo Sagase! audition. While in the group she was nicknamed, with Watanabe Marina, Double Watanabe or Watanabes due to their sharing the same last name.

She debuted as a solo singer on July 1987 with the single "Hitomi ni Yakusoku", which shot up to #5 on the weekly Oricon charts. When Onyanko Club broke up a year later, she started to venture into the acting scene and later on posed nude for photobooks and magazines.

She married a businessman in 1996 and managed a nail salon a year later. She came back for an Onyanko Club reunion in 2002 with several members. As of 2009, Watanabe now manages a furniture business.


Watanabe Minayo during Onyanko Club
Watanabe Minayo (2007)

Studio Albums

Best Albums


Compilations / Others



  • [1988.11.25] LOOK AT
  • [1990.05.29] Darling
  • [1991.12.16] No Problem
  • [1994.01.06] Trap
  • [1995.08.25] POSE
  • [1997.04.01] EGOIST
  • [2000.04.16] J!Essay "Itsumade mo Idol!"
  • [2008.11.19] Hitori de Dekiru Gel Nail BOOK (ひとりでできるジェルネイルBOOK)




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