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COMA-CHI promoting MADE IN SUMMER (2012)

COMA-CHI is a Japanese R&B singer currently signed to ULTRA VYBE records. In 2011, according to her blog entry, COMA-CHI is no longer under Knife Edge, sub-label of Pony Canyon. She explained that she no longer wants to make music for the sake of making money and earning a living. Her choice not to sign with another major label was a result of wanting to express herself as much as she possibly can without causing trouble for her company, or anyone else involved in the creation of her music. On November 23rd, 2011, she returned under an indies label and released her first mini-album Taiyou wo Yobu Shounen. In November of 2012, it was announced a new studio album, GOLDEN SOURCE, under a new major label called ULTRA VYBE records.



COMA-CHI promoting "TIME 2 PARTY" (2009)
COMA-CHI promoting "STEP UP!" (2010)
COMA-CHI promoting Taiyou wo Yobu Shounen (2011)

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