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Cartoon KAT-TUN

カートゥンKAT-TUN (Cartoon KAT-TUN) is a variety show hosted by popular Johnny's boyband KAT-TUN. It has been on air since April 4th, 2007, and airs from 23:55~24:26 on NTV.


100Q (Hyaku Kyu - One Hundred Qs)

This segment was introduced by KAT-TUN member Nakamaru Yuichi. Guests invited to the 100Q segment have been asked 100 questions before their appearance, and the questions and their answers are then displayed on screen to the viewer via a rotating CG strip. When the members spot an answer that seems of interest to them, they tap the strip and a discussion, usually quite comical, then ensues with the guest.


A darts segment. KAT-TUN challenges guests to a darts match to prove themselves top of the entertainment world. The goal of the game is to score 'bingo' on a specially designed darts board before the opposing guest does. If the guest defeats KAT-TUN, he/she receives a "golden dart" as a prize. Somewhat ironically, KAT-TUN loses to their guests more often than not.

Smiley Athlete No.1 Decision Battle

KAT-TUN must perform various tasks of an athletic nature, while smiling continuously. A smile therapist is invited to the show in order to decide whether or not the members' smiles are pass-worthy at the conclusion of each event. If a member's smile is deemed unpass-worthy, he is punished. Each event earns those with pass-worthy smiles points and the member with the highest smile-record wins a prize at the end.


Each time KAT-TUN releases a new single they give a live performance of the title track and the accompanying pieces.

Guests & Ratings

Episode # Date Rating 100Q Guest DAT-TUN5 Guest Other Segments
1 2007.03.22 2.9%


2 2007.04.11 4.2%

Izumi Mori


3 2007.04.18 5.9%


Tsutsumishita Atsushi

4 2007.04.25 4.8%

Tokoro Hideo

Takeda Nobuhiro

5 2007.05.02 6.9%

Sekine Mari

Avril Lavigne

6 2007.05.09 5.1%

mihimaru GT

Tokoro George

7 2007.05.16 4.0%

Sawa Homare, Arakawa Eriko, Iwashi Azusa

Tokoro George

8 2007.05.23 4.8%

Crystal Kay


9 2007.05.30 4.8%

Maya Miki

10 2007.06.06 4.7%

Maya Miki

Smile Battle #1, MINISTAGE: Yorokobi no Uta

11 2007.06.13 4.9%


MINISTAGE: Your smile

12 2007.06.20 6.3%

Sadawo Abe

Smiley Battle #2
13 2007.06.27 4.1%

Takada Nobuhiko

Dangerous Present: Ne-Yo

14 2007.07.04 4.9%

Koike Eiko

Sasaki Kazuhiro

15 2007.07.11 4.0%


Kataoka Ayumi

16 2007.07.18 4.7%

Matsushita Nao

Dangerous Present: Rihanna

17 2007.07.25 3.4%

Takashima Chisako

Smiley Battle #3
18 2007.08.01 5.3%

Gal Sone

19 2007.08.08 4.6%

Chihara Kyoudai

20 2007.08.15 5.0%

Aikawa Sho

21 2007.08.22 5.0%

Nishiyama Maki

Heart Disc: Sowelu

22 2007.08.29 7.4% Okinawa SP (Part 1)
23 2007.09.05 5.5% Okinawa SP (Part 2)
24 2007.09.12 5.4%

Leah Dizon

Okinawa SP (Part 3)
25 2007.09.19 6.5%

Kanako Yanagihara

26 2007.09.26 4.8% Okinawa SP (Director's Cut)
27 2007.10.03 4.2%

Furuta Arata

Heart Disc: Tokunaga Hideaki

28 2007.10.10 2.9%


Heart Disc: TRF

29 2007.10.17 4.5%


Heart Disc: Kamiki Aya

30 2007.10.24 4.9%

Yamamoto Norifumi

31 2007.10.31 4.2%

Horikita Maki

32 2007.11.07

Horikita Maki

33 2007.11.14


34 2007.11.21

Hasegawa Jun, Elli-Rose

Theme Songs

Songs that have been used as opening themes or ending themes on Cartoon KAT-TUN to date:

Opening Theme

Ending Theme

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