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DOUBLE (singer)

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DOUBLE promoting "Lips" and WOMAN (2011)

DOUBLE is a Japanese R&B singer and hip-hop musician. DOUBLE started as a duo made up of sisters SACHIKO and TAKAKO. After the release of their debut album Crystal SACHIKO left the group, and TAKAKO continued DOUBLE as a solo project.


  • Stage name: DOUBLE
  • Name: TAKAKO

Former Member


DOUBLE originally started with two members, sisters SACHIKO and TAKAKO. They both got into music by the influence of their older sister, who, after spending time studying in the United States, brought back some R&B CDs by popular artists at that time. TAKAKO's personal interest in R&B came not from the music, but from watching the music videos by TLC, En Vogue and Mary J. Blige. After performing some covers in local night clubs, the duo got that chance to audition for For Life Records. In 1998, SACHIKO and TAKAKO formed the duo, DOUBLE.

After having numerous hits, tragedy struck on May 21, 1999 when SACHIKO suddenly passed away. Despite the loss of SACHIKO, TAKAKO refused to let DOUBLE fade away, and continued her music career. She has recorded numerous solo albums which some came out to be crowning achievements, and has certainly been in the runner up for the title of the "Queen of Japanese R&B".

During the promotion of her 1st digital single, "Emotions" TAKAKO made her debut as a DJ under the name of DJ Lilly a.k.a. DOUBLE at the Azabu Juuban club WAREHOUSE. While DJ Lilly a.k.a. DOUBLE is a separate character from DOUBLE, she released the album, virgin mix on July 4th 2007.

DOUBLE celebrated their 10th anniversary in the music business by releasing a best album on 6th February 2008. It reached #2 on the Oricon charts during its first week.


DOUBLE promoting Life is beautiful (2004)
DOUBLE promoting "Driving All Night / You Got To" (2002)
DOUBLE promoting double (2000)
DOUBLE promoting the album 10 YEARS BEST WE R&B (2008)

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