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Live Op.4 Concert Project 4th Movement the Album

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Special Edition Box Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Lena Park
Live Op.4 Concert Project 4th Movement The Album
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Intro Of Finale
  2. 2geTHer
  3. Someone
  4. Geeureumbaengi (게으름뱅이)
  5. You mean everything to me
  6. Jeonyaje (전야제)
  7. Chingucheoreom (친구처럼)
  8. Nune Mwoga (눈에 뭐가)
  9. Pyeonjihalkkeyo (편지할께요)
  10. Ijen Dollyeojulge (이젠 돌려줄게)
  11. ordinary
  12. Mijangwoneseo (미장원에서)
  13. Oraenmane (오랜만에)
  14. Naui Haru (나의 하루)
  15. P.S. I Love You
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Yojeum Neon... (요즘 넌...)
  2. 10Bun Jeoneuro (10분 전으로)
  3. Kaman Ilgigang (까만 일기장)
  4. Jigeumeun Amugeotdo Anya (지금은 아무것도 아냐)
  5. Neul Pureun (늘 푸른)
  6. Miun Ori (미운 오리)
  7. Sarangi Olkkayo (사랑이 올까요)
  8. It's me
  9. Kume (꿈에)
  10. Joheun Nara (좋은 나라)
  11. Ann (앤)


Live Op.4 Concert Project 4th Movement The Album is the first Korean live album released by Lena Park. It was released in two versions, a special edition including the live album and the Live Op.4 Concert Project 4th Movement The Album DVD Short Edit DVD in one package, and a regular edition including only the two audio CDs. The album includes the songs "Ijen Dollyeojulge", "Joheun Nara" and "Ann", which have never being recorded on studio. An English version of "Ann" was later included on her Japanese debut album Another Piece.

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