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Romeo (SHINee)

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Korean Mini-Album Cover
Japanese Mini-Album Cover
2009.07.29 (Japan Release)
Catalog Number
RZCD-46284/B (Japan Release)
¥2,310 (Japan Release)
  1. Niga Mame Deureo (Talk To You) (니가 맘에 들어; I Like You)
  2. Juliette (줄리엣)
  3. Charari Ddaeryeo (Hit Me) (차라리 때려; Might as Well Just Hit Me)
  4. Señorita (세노리따)
  5. Jamkkodae (Please, Don't Go) (잠꼬대; Sleep Talking)
  6. Sonyeon, Sonyeoreul Mannada (Romeo+Juliette) (소년, 소녀를 만나다; Boy Meets Girls)
Japan Release DVD Tracklist
  1. Juliette Music Video (ジュリエット)


Romeo is SHINee's second mini-album. "Juliette" was used as the lead single, and the mini-album was described as being "highly refined" and more "mature" than their previous releases. The mini-album was said to be have trendy dance-pop songs, and the concept was the mini-album was said to have a Romeo and Juliet theme with the album track lyrics expressing "first love" and "painful breakup". It was released in Japan in a CD+DVD only edition, and was SHINee's first Japanese release. It debuted at the #39 Oricon weekly chart position and charted for 1 week.

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