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The Misconceptions of Us

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Album Cover
The Misconceptions of Us
CD 1 Tracklist
  1. Spoiler
  2. Dream Girl
  3. Hitchhiking (히치하이킹)
  4. Punch Drunk Love
  5. Girls, Girls, Girls
  6. Bangbaek (Aside) (방백)
  7. Areumdawo (Beautiful) (아름다워)
  8. Dynamite (다이너마이트)
  9. Runaway
  10. Neowa Naui Geori (Selene 6.23) (너와 나의 거리; The Distance Between Us)
CD 2 Tracklist
  1. Nightmare
  2. Why So Serious?
  3. SHINe (Medusa Ⅰ)
  4. Orgel (오르골; Music Box)
  5. Danger (Medusa Ⅱ)
  6. Like a Fire
  7. Excuse Me Miss
  8. Evil
  9. Ddeonaji Mothae (Sleepless Night) (떠나지 못해; Can't Leave)
  10. Beorigo Ga (Better Off) (버리고 가; Leave Me And Go)


The Misconceptions of Us is the repackage album of SHINee's third Korean album. The album includes both previously released chapters, Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You and Why So Serious? - The Misconceptions of Me, plus two new tracks "Neowa Naui Geori (Selene 6.23)" and "Beorigo Ga (Better Off)" for a total of 20 tracks.

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