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Why So Serious

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Why So Serious?
Kenzie, Kim Jung Bae, Choi Andrew
Other Information
Arrangement: Kenzie
Direction: Kenzie
Background Vocals: SHINee, Choi Andrew
Rhythm Programming & Synth Brass: Kenzie
Drum: Gang Su Ho
Bass: Choi Hun
Guitar: Kim Jung Bae
Trumpet: Kim Dong Ha (TST)
Trombone: Lee Han Jin (TST)
Saxophone: Jang Hyo Suk (TST)
Recording: Gu Jong Pil @ S.M. Yellow Tail Studio, Jung Eui Suk @ S.M. Blue Cup Studio, Lee Min Kyu @ S.M. Big Shot Studio, Jung Eun Kyung @ In Grid Studio, Oh Sung Kun (Assistant Song Joo Yong) @ Studio-T, Jung Ki Hong (Assistant Park Mu Il) @ Seoul Studio
Mixing: Nam Goong Jin @ S.M. Concert Hall Studio

"Why So Serious?" is a song recorded by SHINee. It is the title track of their third Korean album's second chapter Why So Serious? - The Misconceptions of Me.
The song was described as a funk rock dance genre that combines the powerful and catchy melody of pop with electronica sounds.