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Yuuwaku no Garter

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Akita Kazue, Kato Mami, and Sato Yukari performing Yuuwaku no Garter
Yuuwaku no Garter (誘惑のガーター; Seductive Garter)
Akimoto Yasushi
Other Information
Arrangement: BOUNCEBACK

"Yuuwaku no Garter" is a song performed by SDN48's first stage of the same name. The song is performed by members using chairs as props. The choreography features sexually suggestive dance moves including gyrations on the chairs and moments where the members bend over. In one part of the song, the center girl gets atop her chair and jumps, performing a midair split. This move is later performed by all three members at once but to a lesser extent. The song ends with the members removing their garters. They spin the garters on their finger and then throw them out into the crowd.

Concert/Shuffle Performances