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Aa, Yo ga Akeru

From generasia
Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Limited Edition C Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Berryz Kobo
Aa, Yo ga Akeru (ああ、夜が明ける)
Catalog Number
PKCP-5189~90 (Limited Edition A)
PKCP-5191~92 (Limited Edition B)
PKCP-5193 (Limited Edition C)
PKCP-5194 (Regular Edition)
¥1,680 (Limited A and B Editions)
¥1,050 (Limited C and Regular Editions)
CD Tracklist
  1. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (ああ、夜が明ける; Ah, the Dawn Breaks)
  2. Otona ni wa Naritakunai Hayaku Otona ni Naritai (大人にはなりたくない 早く大人になりたい; I Don't Want to Become an Adult, Hurry, I Want to Become an Adult)
  3. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Instrumental)
Limited Edition A DVD Tracklist
  1. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Dance Shot Ver.)
Limited Edition B DVD Tracklist
  1. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Close-up Ver.)

DVD Cover
Event V "Aa, Yo ga Akeru" (イベントV「ああ、夜が明ける」)
Catalog Number
  1. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Shimizu Saki Solo Ver.)
  2. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Tsugunaga Momoko Solo Ver.)
  3. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Tokunaga Chinami Solo Ver.)
  4. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Sudo Maasa Solo Ver.)
  5. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Natsuyaki Miyabi Solo Ver.)
  6. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Kumai Yutina Solo Ver.)
  7. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Sugaya Risako Solo Ver.)


"Aa, Yo ga Akeru" is the twenty-seventh single released by Berryz Kobo. The single was released in limited A, B, C, and regular editions, limited editions A and B coming with bonus DVDs. All limited editions came with a serial number card which, when entered in a lottery, could win tickets to the single's launch events. The single reached #7 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for two weeks, selling 17,643 copies. The Event V was only sold during launch events, and therefore did not chart on the Oricon charts.

Featured Members

Song Information

Other Information
Arrangement and Programming: Hirata Shoichiro
Chorus: CHINO


Berryz Kobo promoting the single

There are currently two versions of "Aa, Yo ga Akeru" to be found in Berryz Kobo and Hello! Project's discography. These versions are:

Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Original)
Found on the "Aa, Yo ga Akeru" single as track #1 and the Ai no Album 8 album as track #9.
Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Instrumental)
Found on the "Aa, Yo ga Akeru" single as track #3. This is the standard version without the main vocals.

Concert Performances

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 6 10 12 13 19 3 7 16,307
13 - - - - - - 67 1,336

Total Reported Sales: 17,643*

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